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Bought this as a bit of a nostalgia trip I suppose. Signed up to three MCC's and the 1st trial is looming!


This is not a trick reproduction machine dressed up to look like a cub, apart from electronic ignition it is pretty much what you could buy in the 1960's. So here we go, this is what it is:

Correct & original frame number with original transferable registration and v5c.
The registration number has been recently valued at 900.
Frame, swinging arm, hubs, forks, etc powder coated.
Stainless fork top nuts, seal holders, stem top nut, stem bearing cover, spokes, wheel spindles, fasteners etc, etc.
Engine built with new old stock un-stamped crankcases (original matching number cases, which have some damaged threads, are included) both the new and old cases are the best late type with a timing side bearing race.
Serco crank with new steel flywheels and new mainshafts and roller big end.
Serco slider block oil pump conversion (the best cub oil pump).
Gear box sprocket access cover on inner primary chaincase.
PVL ignition, (with this you don't need a 'distributor' or points on the side timing case.
Please note that with the PVL ignition you do not use a battery, rectifier etc and it will not power lights.
22mm Amal concentric, which runs a lot better than some people say!
Square iron barrel 9:1 piston (+0.040").
Square head with blind stainless head nuts.
Standard cam.
Wide ratio trials gearbox, with new gear selector quadrant and plate, bearings etc.
Miller lowered ratio primary drive and chain tensioner.
Alloy clutch cover plate.
Serco widened and lengthened swinging arm with miller silent block pivot.
Miller footpegs
Billet alloy gearchange
NJB shocks.
Rear wheel 18" alloy rim, stainless spokes, Pirelli trials tyre, Serco widened hub with knock out spindle.
Front wheel 21" alloy rim, stainless spokes, Pirelli trials tyre.
420 chain & sprockets, 14t gearbox, 58t rear (spare new 13t gearbox sprocket and chain included).
Renthal bars, Magura trials twistgrip, amal alloy levers.
Miller polished alloy mudguards.
T100 shuttle valve forks. stainless seal holders and top nuts.
Sports cub tank with internal braces (the proper one)




Copyright 2001/13  Geoff Lowe
No reproduction without express permission